MGA gives you the right marketing and digital tools to reach your industry apex. As a lead Advertising Agency in Philadelphia we are diversified and creative.

MGA is a strategic marketing, advertising agency with a flair for the digital market. : 40 years of marketing agency success built on the foundation that the right mix of traditional and digital advertising will produce the results our clients strive to achieve. Our unique brand of 360 degree marketing services and in-house print production have generated billions of dollars for our clients.

MGA are dedicated marketing agency staffed with sherpas helping you master the summit.
Highly collaborative creative partners in solving marketing challenges with your team,and delivering the best innovation in cost-saving technologies.

Explore some of our recent success stories

Our passion is creating solutions for large and small clients, alike.

Anthony & Sylvan Pools

How to rebrand, re-engage and reinvigorate when giants merge.

Patriot Fleet Solutions

How to position a young company as a national trucking brand.

Direct Energy & Airtron

How to build a new marketing strategy and brand.

It's not enough to design pretty advertising...
if it never converts into dollars?

The difference between a good looking experience and one that performs, is the layering of critical thinking, the right messaging, user-centric design and powerful technology at every stage of the creative process.

We bring it all together so that clicks become customers and
customers become loyal advocates of your brand.